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Dud pix!

I was making some caps from The Golden Years Of British Comedy and thought I'd post my faves.

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Monte Carlo Or Bust pic!

Please note that Forever Moore has moved to http://dudmoore.com so update your bookmarks and hope to see you there!

Just thought I'd post this here, too.

A photo from my favourite part of "Monte Carlo Or Bust." Peter looks so bony, lol! Dudley looks nice and squishy soft. *Purrs*

South Bank Show pic!

Grabbed this from the South Bank Show special. Apparently the sketch is 7 minutes long. I wanna see!

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Rothschild vs. Moore

Reposting this from my site so I don't have to retype it. What are everyone's thoughts on this book?

Dudley's 4th/last ex-wife Nicole Rothschild is publishing a book, due out this year, about her life with him. Apparently she feels the need to talk about the good times and the "extremely ugly" times that they had, including his attempt at choking her and her punching and kicking him to the ground afterwards. She'll also fill us in on how he was smoking crystal meth and made her dance semi-naked for hours at a time and when she got tired, he hired prostitutes to continue. I find it strange that they had problems from a month into the relationship, the whole abuse thing happened and then they got married anyway, then the marriage lasted an entire 4 years before they divorced. If it was that bad, I don't think I'd have stuck around no matter how many good times there were. I also find it strange that he remained friends with all his other ex-wives and I don't recall ever hearing any horrible abuse/drug stories like these from them.

Either way, she's said to have cooled down since his death and isn't putting the book out for the money (since she supposedly got half of his money when he died....though not sure why he'd leave her all that if the relationship was that violent). I've read that he banned her from his own funeral, so leaving her that sum of money seems odd. Or really generous. Perhaps it was for their child rather than her?

I also recall reading that her drug-using ex-husband lived with her and Dudley. I don't know the situation there, but it doesn't seem very normal to me.

Oh, well. These are just my opinions. For all I know she's a really nice person who's just trying to explain her side of things so people don't think of her as the psycho ex-wife of Dudley Moore. But I really think it's going to tarnish his name when/if people read these horrible stories about him. I doubt there will be proof of any kind provided in the book, and I don't remember reading/hearing about these incidences from other sources over the years (other than Dudley's arrest for alleged abuse being documented, but even she said they were both drinking and it wasn't his fault, then they got married shortly after), so I don't think I'll be reading/buying it. Unless it has some nice photos, of course. But I have no interest in reading about his bad side when it's obvious he already had problems in his life since he was little. Not sure why someone would marry a guy they know falls into depressive states and loves sex/women. It's not like those things were secrets so if it's not something you feel you can deal with, don't pursue the relationship. *shrug*

EDIT: He left Nicole the money because she had never worked, had no job skills and he wanted to make sure their son always has a roof over his head. Now if she actually uses that money for Nicolas and not herself, I'd be surprised.

Bedazzled photos!

I forgot to post these a while back. I made some big ones.

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Woody Allen = Dudley Moore Trio

According to IMDb:

Woody Allen (Writer, Annie Hall (1977))
aka "The Dudley Moore Trio"

Go figure, lol!

Got the Trio!

I managed to get a copy of the Dudley Moore Trio in Oz so I'm all good there. I didn't watch it straight through cos I got it the other night and was trying to get myself to bed. I did watch the talky parts, though. When he messed up and made that face and blamed the mic, lol! And the drumming he did at the end! He was doing well but then it kinda went downhill, haha! What a cutie.

I put up a few snippets from a "Dudley" (1993) episode on my DudleySJMoore YouTube account. I uploaded my latest fanvid but it came out all blah (you know how YouTube is) and I tried to convert it several times, change the format, re-upload it a few times but no luck. I'm trying one more time and then putting the low-quality one back up. Good enough.

Yummy dream!

I had a VERY nice dream last night involving Dudley, a wife he didn't wanna be with, earrings, a bed in the middle of the mall and some other stuff. I don't wanna type it all out cos I'm guessing people aren't into reading dreams as much as I am, plus is wasn't exactly PG rated, but let's just say it was probably my fave Dudley dream to date (even though he didn't play the piano in this one, he was a bit drunk, which was fun and made him pretty amorous).

Best Defense photos!

I made some large photos from Best Defense. They're some of my faves. Enjoy!

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"Dudley" show?

Anyone got any episodes of this show? I found one I had taped (missing a few seconds after a commercial cos I was taping part of an Elton John video, lol) and I know I have another one that I haven't found, yet (so many tapes are packed under heavy stuff). I know the one I haven't found is the one where he's singing "Baby Love" and playing the piano. I forget if that's the first episode or not. The other one I have is where his housekeeper's boyfriend thinks he's her new man and Dudley doesn't speak their language to know what's going on. Just curious of anyone was lucky/smart enough to have taped some of them.