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Dudley Moore Trio DVD

Anyone get that Dudley Moore Trio in Oz DVD, yet? I doubt the stores around me will even have it. I'd get it either way but sooner than later if I hear it's really excellent. Reviews are most welcome and appreciated.

Welcome to the Dudley Moore community!

Hey, folks! Welcome to the community! Here are a few rules to get us started.

001. No bashing. If you don't like Dudley, then no need to post and express that. Also don't bash any of Dudley's family, friends or any of the community members. Repeated offenses will get you suspended or banned.

002. No non-related promoting. If your journal or website has to do with Dudley, feel free to post the link. If it's completely unrelated, do not post the link or it will be removed. Repeated spamming will get you suspended or banned.

003. If you post large photos or very long posts, put it under a lj-cut so it doesn't mess up the layout or clutter the page.

If you have any problems or need help, let me know and I'll try and help. Have fun!

Your mod,

Forever Moore